Using Oxygen Therapy to Enhance Your Athletic Performance

Using Oxygen Therapy to Enhance Your Athletic Performance

Looking to give your sports performance a boost? Exercise with Oxygen Therapy (EWOT) may just be the secret weapon you’ve been searching for. From athletes to everyday exercisers, oxygen can help take your athletic performance to the next level. Learn how it works and how to incorporate it into your exercise routine.

Oxygen for Sports


What is Oxygen Therapy?

EWOT provides enriched oxygen while exercising to increase the amount of oxygen in the body. It is often used in sports to help elite athletes recover and perform better by providing their muscles with extra energy and aiding their bodies’ natural recovery processes.

Exercise with oxygen therapy for athletic performance  

How Can Oxygen Improve Performance in Athletes?

Oxygen therapy can help athletes increase their overall performance by delivering more oxygen to their muscles, heart and lungs. Increased oxygen levels in the body help with energy production, improve blood flow and speed up recovery between intense workouts or events. By providing your body with extra oxygen, you can reduce lactic acid buildup, which can lead to exhaustion, as well as reduce fatigue and muscle soreness after strenuous activity. Exercise with oxygen therapy has been shown to improve performance in several ways including: 
· Endurance increased by 32- 67% 
· Power increased by 8-14% 
· VO2 Max increased by 4-12% 
· Lactic acid: reduced 34-60% 
· Recovery time: reduced 27%  
· Reaction time reduced 12-18% 
· Short-term memory improved 19-23%  
· Fat-burn for fuel increased 
· Mitochondrial capacity maximized  
See our EWOT research page for details.

How to Utilize Oxygen Therapy Properly

It’s important to understand how to utilize oxygen therapy properly in order to get the most out of it. To start, set a specific time for each exercise with oxygen therapy session that works best with your routine. Exercise with oxygen therapy only requires 15 minutes per session to provide great results. We recommend exercising with oxygen for 15 minutes per day for 3 - 7 days per week. We also recommend considering using exercise with oxygen therapy after a hard workout or weightlifting session to reduce the lactic acid and greatly reduce the recovery time.


Benefits of Regular Oxygen Supply

Oxygen is an incredibly powerful natural resource and incorporating exercise with oxygen therapy into your routine can bring a multitude of benefits. Oxygen helps boost overall energy levels, giving you the power and resilience you need to stay in peak condition for longer. It also assists with improving focus, alertness and endurance, allowing for better reflexes during competitions and sports activities. Exercising with oxygen also reduces the perceived effort to complete a workout, allowing you to train harder and accelerate results. Finally, regular exercise with oxygen therapy helps increase muscle strength and encourages faster recovery times post-exercise.



Exercise with Oxygen improves Sports Performance  

Tips for Optimizing Oxygen Use for Improved Performance

To take full advantage of oxygen for improved athletic performance, it can be helpful to do a 15-minute EWOT session at least two to three times per week. Some sessions you may want to use exercise with oxygen therapy to help recover post-workout, other days, you will want to use the boost the oxygen gives you to increase your workout intensity. Training at higher intensities will translate into bigger gains when competing. Any way you choose to use EWOT, you will find it can be an amazing tool to help increase your performance, reduce your recovery, and improve your overall energy levels.


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