About Us

Who Is One Thousand Roads?

One Thousand Roads LLC is a Texas-based business focused on providing EWOT systems that meet the unique needs of people dealing with chronic illness or seeking to improve athletic performance.

One Thousand Roads seeks to bring a high-quality, affordable product to the EWOT marketplace and to offer the necessary training and support to allow people to gain the most out of their system and to help them along their path to improved health and performance.**

We provide EWOT systems to fitness centers, health centers, doctors, patients referred by doctors and chiropractors, and individuals seeking to improve their health and athletic performance.


What Is EWOT

Exercise with oxygen training, or EWOT, was invented by Manfred von Ardenne (1907-1997), a German research, applied physicist, and inventor with roughly 600 patents in fields including electron microscopy, medical technology, nuclear technology, plasma physics, and radio and television technology.  

EWOT is a method of breathing higher levels of oxygen during exercise in order to increase the amount of oxygen in your blood plasma. The downstream impact of this increased blood oxygenation is a re-enlargement of the capillary narrowed by oxygen deficiency caused by stress, toxins, disease, old-age, and other sources.

Done correctly, EWOT can produce many desired benefits in as little as 15 minutes a few times a week.*


What Are The Benefits Of EWOT

Dr. Von Ardenne discovered EWOT restored the diminished blood microcirculation of the endothelium and capillaries.

A capillary that has been narrowed by oxygen deficiency through disease or other insults can be reversed by EWOT.  Increased oxygen in the blood and improved oxygen utilization of the tissues re-enlarges the capillaries and resolves inflammation.

The increased oxygenation of the cells also increases cellular APT (cellular energy). This increase in the body's energy level stimulates the immune system, promotes a healthier state, and increases healing.

Von Ardenne was able to demonstrate EWOT:

Decreases systemic inflammation

Protects the body from cancer

Boosts the immune system

Increases energy

Improves weight loss and helps the body to burn fat

Has anti-aging effects on the body by improving cell metabolism

De-acidifies the body and improves alkalinity

Increases circulation

Enhances Athletic Performance

Many users of EWOT note its strong ability to help with detoxification and to minimize herxheimer symptoms.  While athletes notice increased stamina, strength, and endurance.


Who Can Benefit?

One of the amazing things about exercise with oxygen training is that nearly anyone capable of exercise can benefit from it - whether they are young or old, sick or in peak health.*

For people with health challenges, EWOT often helps them along their healing journey, oxygenating their bodies at a cellular level and allowing their body to perform more efficiently.

For people who are middle-aged and beyond, EWOT offers the anti-aging benefits first described by von Ardenne.  Poor cellular oxygenation leads to cellular aging.  In as little as one session, von Ardenne discovered the use of EWOT reversed age-related swelling in the capillaries that leads to declining circulation and cellular oxygenation.  By reversing this process, there is an improvement in both metabolism and energy utilization.

For athletes and health-conscious people, EWOT can offer an opportunity to improve athletic capabilities, gain an edge on the competition, and bring their performance to another level.

EWOT is an attractive protocol for many people because it allows them to have a significant impact in their health and wellbeing without leaving the comfort of their own home and in as little as 15 minutes a few times a week.


What Is Needed To Do EWOT?

Early EWOT protocols called for simply exercising with a nasal canula pushing fresh oxygen.  Unfortunately, the slow flow of oxygen under the high-demands of exercise meant the increases in blood oxygenation were minimal, and dramatic results required several hours of exercise each day.

Modern EWOT systems contain the following components:

  • An oxygen generator that can produce an endless amount of near-pure oxygen from air
  • A large reservoir to collect and hold enough oxygen for a 15-30 minute workout
  • A mask and hose to deliver the pure oxygen to the exerciser without allowing external air to enter the mask
  • A piece of exercise equipment of your preference (stationary bike, elliptical, treadmill, rebounder, etc.).


Exercise equipment not included.

*Consult a physician before using this product if you have any medical condition whatsoever, or if you have or suspect you might have a health problem, or if you are pregnant, or if taking any kind of medication.

** The products and the claims made through any publications or advertisements of One Thousand Roads LLC have not been evaluated by the United States Food and Drug Administration and are not approved to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. The information presented is designed for educational purposes only. It is not intended to be a substitute for advice from your physician or other health care professional