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Time For a Change

After a lifetime of strange medical issues, including autoimmune diseases, chronic fatigue, cancers, and so many other symptoms, my health was spiraling downward.  I was barely present for my family, and I was afraid I might soon lose the ability to work and support them. 

 My 40th Birthday celebration - barely hanging on.

My 40th Birthday celebration - barely hanging on.

In short, I was desperate for relief from my many symptoms, and I needed to regain some quality of life.  A doctor recommended that I try exercise with oxygen therapy (EWOT) or hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT)


I started to research HBOT, but quickly realized I did not have the time nor the money.  I didn't have the 90-minutes needed each day to spend in a doctor's office – after all, I was fighting to keep my job.  And, I definitely did not have the $20,000 I needed to complete all the HBOT sessions required.


Next, I researched EWOT systems.  I was thrilled that EWOT only took 15-minutes a day.  And I was thrilled I could do it in my own home.  However, I quickly realized that I did not have the $5,000 to $10,000 EWOT companies were asking for an EWOT systems. 


Turning a corner

Desperate to recover my health, I put my engineering degree to work and built my own EWOT system.  I spent hours on the computer researching.  I cobbled together parts, begged folks to help me get my hands on an EWOT mask I could use.  But, with my first system, I started to feel the spark of life return to my body.  I began to have faith I could regain my health.

 The day I got my EWOT mask was a day filled with hope.

The day I got my EWOT mask was a day filled with hope.


The Birth of One Thousand Roads EWOT

When that same doctor found out I had built an EWOT system, he asked me to make systems for his patients, and One Thousand Roads EWOT was born.  I was grateful for the power of exercise with oxygen to help me on my healing journey and felt it was a sign that I should help pay it forward.

 My 41th Birthday Celebration - things are looking up.

My 41th Birthday Celebration - things are looking up.


We created One Thousand Roads EWOT to build EWOT Systems that were designed for people with chronic illnesses and health challenges.  People with these sorts of health challenges need affordable and safe products that will help them recover their health.  They need high-quality EWOT products that can last them on their individual road to recovery.  They need service and support to get their system up and running.  And, perhaps most important, they need an empathetic ear - someone who knows the path they have been walking , but also understands that there can be a great life on the other side of illness.  It does not need to define their future.


We started it with a singular focus that guides all of our decisions: We wanted to make the high-quality, affordable EWOT systems to help people like myself, suffering through chronic illnesses, to regain their health and their quality of life.


One Thousand Roads was build in gratitude for my own healing with the goal of helping one thousand people recover their health and quality of life.  Pay it forward one thousand fold.  Five years in, we have helped hundreds of customers on their road to wellness, and we are just getting started.  We are grateful to walk along each of our customers on their journey and the trust they have placed in us.


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Brad Pitzele



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