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Our 10 LPM EWOT System is perfect for multiple users or when you need quicker refilling times. Also, the 10 LPM EWOT System offers the maximum EWOT benefit at an affordable price point. That way, people can experience the many benefits of EWOT in the comfort of their own home. 

What's included

We created One Thousand Roads EWOT to build EWOT Systems that were designed for people with chronic illnesses and health challenges. These are the people who need affordable and safe products that will help them recover their health. That's why you'll find that our prices are lower!


10 lpm EWOT System:

  • EWOT Concentrator:
    • New 10 LPM oxygen generator / oxygen concentrator - Ideal for multiple users or if you need faster refilling times.
    • Digital Timer Capable – This is a big deal.  Our concentrators are designed to be turned on and off using an external digital timer (not included). That way, you can set the concentrator to fill for a specific time each day. The EWOT system is ready whenever you are!  No waiting for the system to fill.
  • EWOT Reservoir kit:
    • EWOT Reservoir with 1,000 L of oxygen storage (6’ wide x 5.5’ tall)
    • Be careful of the reservoir you buy – there are brands promising you a 900L reservoir, but only providing less than 750 L.  However, ours is larger because it has the full 1000 liters.  Less footprint does nothing if there isn’t enough oxygen for your EWOT session.
    • Extra-long hoses (10 feet) & oxygen tubing (25 feet) to offer placement flexibility
    • EWOT reservoir stand for max placement flexibility
    • FDA-approved food-grade and medical-grade materials
  • NextGen EWOT mask:
    • 67% more oxygen throughput than traditional EWOT masks
    • One-time EWOT mask adjustment – fit the mask once and then quickly slip it on daily. No daily adjustments.
    • Improved durability – lasts about 4x longer than traditional EWOT masks
    • Multiple sizes to give you a custom fit (Please measure your face to find out what size to order.  Sizes are quite forgiving, and if between mask sizes we, recommend ordering the larger size.)

Our EWOT Products come with a one-year warranty to ensure your peace of mind.

Exercise equipment not included

See the sizing picture to determine your mask size. Generally, most customers have found the sizes rather forgiving.

 ***International Buyers responsible for import duties and taxes***


EWOT System Benefits:

Interestingly, much research has been done on EWOT over the last several decades undeniably demonstrating its many benefits including:

  • energy-boosting & increased metabolism
  • anti-inflammatory
  • immune-boosting
  • improved memory and cognitive function
  • reduced joint and muscle pain
  • detoxification
  • improved sleep
  • anti-cancer
  • anti-aging
  • athletic performance benefits
  • Improved circulation

Today, many people are using EWOT systems to improve their health and wellness, overcome fatigue, sleeplessness, slow metabolism, pain, poor circulation and slow healing, poor memory and cognitive function, and many other health challenges.


For frequently asked questions see our FAQ page.


*Consult a physician prior to using this product if you have any medical condition whatsoever, or if you have or suspect you might have a health problem, or if you are pregnant, or if taking any kind of medication.

** The products and the claims made through any publications or advertisements of One Thousand Roads LLC have not been evaluated by the United States Food and Drug Administration and are not approved to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. The information presented is designed for educational purposes only. It is not intended to be a substitute for advice from your physician or other health care professional. 


    How long does it take to fill the EWOT reservoir?

    Filling times vary based on each person’s oxygen needs.  A completely full exercise with oxygen training reservoir from empty takes roughly 3 hours with a 5 LPM or about 1.5 hours with a 10 LPM system, however many people can use the EWOT therapy system after filling for 90 minutes.  We often suggest pairing our EWOT system with a digital timer) so that you can have the exercise with oxygen therapy system ready each time you want to use it.

    How long should I do EWOT for?

    We recommend you do an EWOT therapy session for 15 – 20 minutes to get full benefits.  Depending on your health status, we recommend you work up to 70% -80% of your theoretical maximum heart rate.  For your EWOT protocol, you can calculate your theoretical maximum heart rate as 220 minus your age. 

    However, for people with chronic illness, getting to 70% - 80% of your maximum heart rate can take 6 months or longer.  Even if you never get there, don’t let the pursuit of perfection stand in the way of progress.  Do only what you are comfortable with and listen to your body carefully.  Even doing EWOT therapy while walking on a treadmill, bouncing on a rebounder, or standing on a vibration plate offers lots of health benefits

    How often should I do EWOT?

    We recommend you start EWOT therapy slowly and listen to your body.  Ideally you will work up to at least 2 -3 times per week.  But, you are welcome to do more.  We have folks doing EWOT every day with good results.

    How does EWOT compare to HBOT?

    When it comes to EWOT vs. HBOT, they are very similar modalities that offer very similar benefits.  However, EWOT therapy is much cheaper, less time-intensive, and can be done safely in the comfort of your own home.

    For best benefits using HBOT, a person needs to do about 90 minutes in a medically-supervised chamber.  Depending on the conditions or EWOT protocol, people often need to do these sessions 5-6 times per week over the course of 12 weeks or more at a cost of $250 - $600 per 90-minute session

    HBOT uses a pump to create high pressure to ram more oxygen into your tissues during a 90-minute session where you are in an enclosed tube.  People often report feeling claustrophobic and anxious during HBOT treatments due to the confined conditions.

    EWOT replaces the pump in HBOT with your heart & exercise.  Since your heart is pumping harder during exercise, and because that causes your blood vessels to dilate, your heart and lungs are primed to bring more oxygen to your tissues.  And this blood vessel dilation allows oxygen to get to more areas of your body that if you were stationary.  Additionally, since your body uses 8 times more oxygen in exercise than in rest, we can conduct the entire EWOT session in 15 minutes rather than the 90 minutes needed for HBOT.

    Can I fill the EWOT reservoir the night before?

    We don’t recommend filling the night before.  Our exercise with oxygen training reservoirs are made to breathe.  This means that if you fill it the night before, it will partially deflate overnight.  This is done to ensure that if moisture were to somehow get int the EWOT reservoir, it has a path to escape and not create a condition that is conducive to mold. 

    Can I over-fill the EWOT reservoir?

    Our EWOT reservoirs are much stronger than the pressure an oxygen concentrator can put out.  For that reason, you will not damage your EWOT reservoir by continuing to run your concentrator.  We don’t recommend running your concentrator for hours after the EWOT reservoir is full, as that is unnecessary wear and tear on your concentrator.  However, aside from the longer running time and wear on the concentrator, you will not damage your EWOT system by running it while the EWOT reservoir is full.

    What is your EWOT reservoir material made of?

    Our EWOT reservoirs are made out of FDA-approved, BPA-free, virgin LDPE.  This is the same material that is used for food products such as ketchup bottles, frozen food and bread packaging.  The FDA approves its use in the virgin state (meaning it has never been recycled) as it is chemically resistant, repels microorganisms and doesn't leach harmful toxins when used to store food at a variety of temperatures.  As any food packaging is constantly exposed to oxygen in the air, we have chosen its material for its safety for our application.

    Why don’t you offer rubber bands or weights on your EWOT reservoirs like other brands?

    Some brands use bands or weights to push more oxygen out of the exercise with oxygen training reservoir.  We believe these were designed to overcome their earlier EWOT mask designs, which often did not allow enough oxygen for very fit or large people.  We solved this issue by creating our 2000 series EWOT mask, which has 67% larger valves to allow more oxygen.  With the right sized valve, you do not need bands or weights, your diaphragm was designed beautifully for the job of bringing oxygen into your lungs.

    Additionally, because we have designed our EWOT therapy systems for folks with chronic health challenges who are on a budget, we will not add new gimmicks simply to increase our sales.

    Why don’t you offer an altitude-switching feature like other brands?

    Altitude switching EWOT systems are designed to create a low oxygen delivery (lower than the air you breathe) to starve your body of oxygen for short bouts.  The idea is that causes your blood vessels to dilate and allow more oxygen in when you switch back to the EWOT high-oxygen breathing.

    Those with chronic illnesses often tell us this altitude-switching made them feel dizzy and unwell.  We don't believe in altitude switching for many people with chronic illnesses, and you can read our position on blog on altitude contrast EWOT.

    For those who are interested in the effects of altitude switching, and who are well enough to seek any benefits it may offer, you can get the same benefits from holding your breath for 5-7 seconds at a time a few times per EWOT session.  Holding your breath will allow 0% oxygen in and will dilate your blood vessels more than altitude switching technology.  And it will save you thousands of dollars on not buying altitude switching technology and the hassle of flipping a mechanical switch while trying to maintain your exercising momentum and balance.

    Additionally, our EWOT therapy systems are designed for people with chronic health challenges who are often on a budget and need help recovering their wellness.  We will not add new gimmicks simply to increase our sales.

    Is there any scientific research on EWOT?

    We catalog some of the growing research on EWOT on our Research Page.  Beyond that, you can search the government research website, pubmed for even more research.  EWOT is referred to by many names, but exercise with oxygen therapy is often referred to as “hyperoxic training”, with the word “hyperoxic” meaning “a state of excess supply of O2 in tissues and organs”.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews
    This asthmatic can finally do cardio!

    The One Thousand Roads EWOT system has been life changing. I’ve had exercised induced asthma since I was a teenager, and haven’t done cardio more than a handful of times in the last 15 years because of the severe respiratory pain it caused. The first time I used the EWOT system, I was able to sustain 15 minutes of zone 3 cardio on an attack bike with no pain, and instead experienced the endorphin rush everyone else describes after good cardio! It’s transformed my health.

    Gregory Carpenter
    Ewot system

    I was highly anticipating the arrival of my ewot system when I purchased it. Since arriving, I have used it everyday. I’m up to 15 minutes on an Assault style bike and could not be more pleased. This O2 therapy is wonderful and I’m seeing many benefits already. Hate to miss a day.

    Thanks for your review Gregory. We are glad you are seeing quick results! Keep going, the results accumulate.

    Mark Cook
    Great Investment

    This is a great piece of life saving equipment. While I continue to have my own issues I’m glad I decided to purchase this. I did have a small issue and they immediately made things right. The communication and customer service is great!

    John C
    Powerful product

    I ordered the product a few weeks ago and can feel the difference in my body and brain.

    Looking forward to continuing to use it daily to get the benefits.

    Thanks John - We love to hear about your positive results!

    Highly recommend to all cancer patients.

    5 stars! Highly recommend to all cancer patients. Really helped boost feel good energy and reduce fatigue. My quality of life during treatment has improved 90%. Very grateful to Brad for creating this high quality, affordable, easy-to-use home-based EWOT system. Outstanding product design and service. Brad is always there if I have a question. It is so rare today to get a real person to talk to. His passion and commitment to great service shine. Thank you, Brad!

    Thanks Sheri - So glad to hear about your wonderful results and everythign you are doing to get better.