5 LPM EWOT System with NextGen Mask


EWOT System Mask Size

What's included

5 lpm EWOT System

  • EWOT Oxygen Concentrator:
    • New 5 LPM oxygen generator / EWOT oxygen concentrator
    • Digital Timer Capable – This is a big deal. Our concentrators are designed to be turned on and off using an external digital timer (not included) so that you can set the concentrator to fill for a specific time each day – the EWOT system is ready whenever you are! No waiting for the system to fill.
  • EWOT Reservoir kit:
    • 1,000 Liter EWOT Reservoir for your EWOT System (6’ wide x 5.5’ tall) - 
    • Be careful of the reservoir you buy – there are brands promising you a 900L reservoir but only providing less than 725 L.  However, we offer a full 1000 liters.  Space-saving does nothing if there isn’t enough oxygen for your EWOT session.
    • Extra-long hoses (10 feet) & oxygen tubing (25 feet) to offer placement flexibility
    • EWOT reservoir stands for max placement flexibility
    • FDA-approved food-grade and medical-grade materials
  • NextGen EWOT mask:
    • 67% more oxygen than traditional EWOT masks
    • One-time EWOT mask adjustment – fit the mask once and quickly slip it on daily.
    • Improved durability – lasts about 4x longer than conventional EWOT masks
    • Multiple sizes to give you a custom fit (Please measure your face to find out what size to order.  Sizes are quite forgiving, and if between mask sizes, we recommend ordering the larger size.)

Our EWOT Systems include a one-year warranty to ensure your peace of mind.

Exercise equipment is not included.

See the sizing picture to determine your mask size. However, most customers have found the sizes rather forgiving.

 ***International Buyers responsible for import duties and taxes***


EWOT Benefits:

There is a lot of research on EWOT demonstrating its many benefits, including:

  • energy-boosting & increased metabolism
  • anti-inflammatory
  • immune-boosting
  • improved memory and cognitive function
  • reduced joint and muscle pain
  • detoxification
  • improved sleep
  • anti-cancer
  • anti-aging
  • athletic performance benefits
  • Improved circulation

Today, many people use EWOT machines and systems to facilitate their holistic wellness, assist in fighting fatigue, sleeplessness, slow metabolism, pain, poor circulation and slow healing, poor memory, and cognitive function, and many other health challenges. You can be a part of this revolutionary change too. All you need is a few minutes from your 24 hours to exercise with oxygen concentrators and reap the benefits of this innovative technology.

Buy our EWOT systems with masks now!


For frequently asked questions, see our Exercise with Oxygen Therapy FAQ page.


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What's included

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Thad Dickson
Quality product outstanding service

Not only is the system fantastic and even life changing, the customer service and personal follow up by Brad is next level. I had an issue which was probably caused by user error on my part and Brad personally called me, looked at the pictures, and took care of the issue under warranty. Wow. There’s really so few companies these days that seem willing to work personally with their customers in such a fair way. Thank you One Thousand Roads for a great, healthy, planet bettering product, and for standing behind it.

Thanks Thad for your feedback! Keep on going! The benefits accumulate over time.

Brad is awesome and so is the EWOT

We purchased the EWOT system for general health and as a supplement to my other treatment plans. Brad was super helpful, quick to respond, and the system shipped quickly. It's very easy to assemble, the concentrator machine is surprisingly quiet as well. We bought two masks so we could both use the system without having to constantly adjust the straps.

We were originally looking at HBOT (Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy) home systems however, after researching we discovered you can get the same/similar benefits using EWOT at a fraction of the cost. Not only that, but we also researched other EWOT system brands and the ones that were more expensive than One Thousand Roads brand didn't seem to offer anything other than a higher price tag with more of an online presence and history. Beyond chronic illness and general health, I have also been dealing with a bad tennis elbow flareup for many months (and doing acupuncture) and I noticed a considerable reduction in inflammation and pain in my elbow (among other things) when I use EWOT consistently.

If you've read the research on both EWOT and HBOT, I think it's easy to see how beneficial it is for health and ailments. I think One Thousand Roads is a great company with a great product, intentions, and affordable pricing.

Tim G
Great Product, Service, and Value

My wife and I have been using our system for a month and we are very happy with it. It was easy to setup and works great. Whenever I had questions, I contacted Brad at One Thousand Roads and they were promptly answered - he is very knowledgeable and helpful! The mask fits well and is comfortable to wear. I like that the oxygen concentrator can be used with a programmable switch/outlet so that the system can be ready to use when needed. Compared to other systems I found, this one was by far the best value. The system was shipped out the day I ordered it and arrived quickly.

mike kennedy
great addition

I have a sauna, red light therapy, cold plunge and grounded bed sheets. I needed an EWOT system. This system offered everything and at a reasonable price. I feel like EWOT gives me the most noticeable results. Brad - the owner - makes himself available even on the weekends. Very happy with product and company

Carolyn Johnson
EWOT for Life

My husband and I have always taken steps for our health...but that doesnt prevent age putting its 2 cents in. Since my husband and I were now on the other side of 65 we wanted to do everything (that makes sense) to take care of ourselves. Somewhere I heard about EWOT. Reasons for better oxygen flow were due to - precancer on my right leg that so far has needed 5 moes procedures, sinus surgery for a deviated septum that lessened airflow, c4/c5 disc replacement surgery, brain fog (compared to when i was in my 40's), inflamation and poor sleep. After review of options "One Thousand Roads" was the most cost effective solution. I must have called, emailed, or texted Brad (the owner) 15 times asking questions and making sure this was going to be a good solution for us. Three weeks ago we got it. Setup was easy. The 15 minute program was SUPER EASY. It might be our imagination but we both felt the benefits after about 2 weeks (@3x a week - building up to 5x).
Aging is no joke...so dont wait too long to get serious about making your later years productive. GET WITH IT.