Oxygen for Exercise: Debunking 6 Common Myths About EWOT With Facts

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Following wellness trends has become a new normal for the post-pandemic world. Whether it is upcycling food, touchless spas, or virtual gyms, people interested in improving their physical and mental have made wellness a whooping $4.3 trillion industry in 2020. With continuous support from fitness-conscious consumers, the number is set to reach $7 trillion by 2025.

EWOT, short for Exercise With Oxygen Therapy, is another way to help people stay well. It allows users to exercise with supplimental oxygen, which helps improve cognitive performance, blood circulation, and energy levels. The list of its benefits is long, yet a few people are apprehensive about using EWOT systems due to certain myths.

So, keep reading until the end to learn more about exercising with oxygen therapy and debunk the myths.

What is EWOT used for?

Shortness of breath after a short walk has become a common phenomenon lately for many people. There are many reasons that a person may feel difficulty breathing, including obesity, anxiety, asthma, etc. All these issues may disrupt the oxygen circulation in the blood, medically termed Hypoxia.

But why is it a problem?

Well, oxygen is essential for every living organism. Insufficient or lower oxygen levels are known to be the leading cause of cancer and cell degeneration. That’s why restoring it to healthy levels is essential. Moreover, when you exercise, cells require more oxygen to create energy, so you feel less tired and carry out the workout session effortlessly.

Here, exercising with oxygen therapy is an innovative training method that may increase oxygen intake whether you use an elliptical machine, a treadmill, an exercise bike, or any other cardio equipment. It allows you to exercise in higher oxygen concentrations which may improve oxygen circulation, restore blood flow, and increase ATP production. 

 oxygen therapy for exercise


One study also indicates that oxygen may reduce the growth of cancer cells by 15 percent. 

In short, using EWOT systems may benefit you in the following ways:

  • Stimulate & strengthen the immune system
  • Promote metabolism for effective weight loss
  • Increase oxygenation of the cells
  • Quicken the healing and recovery process during sports injury
  • Enhance athletic performance
  • Help in dealing with stress & trauma

It may be helpful for people dealing with chronic fatigue syndrome, cardiac issues, cancer, improving athletic performance, or anyone wanting to live a quality life. To learn more about its benefits, refer to our blog— The Top 7 EWOT Benefits

Getting Top EWOT Facts Straight

Exercise with Oxygen Therapy may help you live longer, feel better, and become more active. However, certain myths make people skeptical about its use. Therefore, One Thousand Roads will debunk some of the common myths here:

Myth: EWOT is only another unproven wellness trend.

The Internet is filled with misleading information about wellness trends that claim to be beneficial. However, the use of EWOT has been supported by concrete evidence. You can refer to our research section for more detailed information.

Myth: Only Athletes can benefit from exercise with oxygen therapy.

Absolutely not!

Popularly used by athletes for endurance and stamina enhancement, EWOT’s application is not limited to them. Anyone who wants to improve their health, gain mental clarity, or increase productivity may benefit from it. 

Myth: It is expensive & unsafe.

EWOT is a new inclusion in the wellness sector. Plus, it involves inhaling higher amounts of oxygen, which makes people concerned about its safety. However, it doesn’t have to raise any doubts.  There is no risk of oxygen toxicity from a 15-minute EWOT session.  It is safe for anyone healthy enough to exercise. 

Furthermore, Thousand Roads makes EWOT equipment affordable so you can enjoy the benefits in your own home.  The best therapy is one you can do consistently, and anyone can find 15-minutes in their day to do an EWOT session.

exercise with oxygen therapy


Myth: People get instant miraculous results with EWOT.

Anyone who believes that EWOT is a magic potion, please STOP. Like other therapies, it gradually shows positive effects, as it requires long-term commitments to improve overall well-being. While some people notice benefits after the first session, others will experience the benefits over time.


Myth: This oxygen therapy for exercise is exclusively for people with health issues.

Often considered beneficial for people with respiratory issues like Asthma and COPD, EWOT’s use is much more versatile than the popular belief. Yes, it does help people with health problems, and reduce inflammation, but you may use it even without it to increase your productivity at work, quickly recover from any sports-related injury, or reduce stress.

How EWOT works?

The actual working of oxygen therapy for exercise may vary depending on fitness goals and requirements. However, the basics remain the same, as mentioned in the following example:

You or your client will be required to wear a mask attached to an oxygen bag while you exercise. You then do 15 minutes of exercise while wearing the mask and breathing 93% oxygen.

At Last

We hope you gain more insight into what EWOT is about. If you have questions about EWOT, its benefits, and how it may help you, please contact us or explore our blog section.

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