The Top 7 EWOT Benefits

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The Top 7 EWOT Benefits  

Do you ever feel like you're constantly out of breath after just a short walk or climb up the stairs? It could be a sign that your body isn't getting enough oxygen and you might be interested in something called exercise with oxygen therapy. Benefits of EWOT as an innovative workout routine come from the combination of physical activity with breathing in higher concentrations of oxygen to improve overall health and wellness. This therapy has numerous health benefits, including improved cardiovascular health, increased energy levels, and enhanced athletic performance. Let's explore the top 7 EWOT benefits and how it can help you achieve your health and wellness goals.


EWOT Benefit #1: Energy & Metabolism

EWOT Benefit: Metabolism & Energy

One of the top benefits of exercise with oxygen therapy is increased oxygenation, energy levels and improved metabolism. When you exercise with oxygen therapy, you increase the levels of oxygen available to your cells to produce more energy. After an EWOT session, people will notice an improvement in energy that lasts into the next day. Additionally, EWOT himprovese insulin sensitivity, which can prevent metabolic disorders like diabetes.  In fact, a 2021 study found EWOT could be an effective treatment for obesity. A recent study at the US Olympic Training Center revealed that exercising with oxygen increased calorie expenditure by 13% and fat utilization by 21%.


EWOT Benefit #2: Improved Sleep

EWOT Benefit: Restful Sleep

Another benefit of EWOT is improved sleep. After beginning EWOT, many people report more energy during the daytime, coupled with deeper, more-restful sleep at night.  And, their experiences are backed up by research. Recent studies by neuroscientists at the University of Alberta show that oxygen promotes deep, restorative sleep. Additionally, reduces stress and anxiety, which can also contribute to better sleep and creating a synergistic affect with the oxygen. Overall, incorporating EWOT into your fitness routine can lead to better overall health and improved sleep.


EWOT Benefit #3: Brain Health

EWOT Benefit: Brain Health

An important exercise with oxygen therapy benefit is improved brain health. Oxygen therapy during exercise increases oxygen in the blood and blood plasma. This improves oxygen delivery to the brain, which can improve cognitive function and memory and eliminate brain fog -  a condition linked to low brain oxygenation.  It also helps regulate inflammation in the brain. This can be especially beneficial for older adults or those with neurological conditions such as Alzheimer's, Parkinson's disease, and traumatic brain injuries like CTE. Recently, ex-NFL legend, Joe Namath began discussing how oxygen help him improve his brain health after a career of hard-knocks. Additionally, regular exercise reduces the risk of cognitive decline and dementia. After doing EWOT, many users report a clearer head and quicker cognition. Incorporating EWOT into your fitness routine can help keep your brain healthy and functioning at its best.


EWOT Benefit #4: Anti-Aging

EWOT Benefits: Anti-Aging

Anyone who has ever received an oxygen facial knows how beneficial oxygen can be for the skin.  As we age, our bodies become less efficient at delivering oxygen to our cells. This can lead to a decline in overall health and vitality. Exercise with oxygen therapy can help counteract this by increasing oxygen delivery to the body's tissues and organs from the inside, promoting cellular regeneration and repair.  Research demonstrates that EWOT can restore oxygen delivery to more youthful levels. This can lead to improved skin health, increased energy levels, and a more youthful appearance. Incorporating EWOT into your fitness routine can help you look and feel younger, both inside and out.


EWOT Benefit #5: Anti-inflammatory

EWOT Benefits: ANti-inflammatory

In addition to its anti-aging effects, EWOT also has anti-inflammatory benefits. Inflammation is a natural response of the body's immune system to injury or infection. But, chronic inflammation can lead to a variety of health problems, including heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. Studies demonstrate that inflammation only occurs in low-oxygen environments. Exercise with oxygen therapy reduces inflammation, helping to prevent these chronic diseases and improve overall health. By increasing oxygen delivery to the body's tissues, EWOT can also promote healing and reduce inflammation in injured tissues.


EWOT Benefit #6: Immune Function & Detoxification

Exercise with Oxygen Benefits: Improved Immunity

EWOT benefits do not end there either.  Exercising with oxygen can improve your immune function and detoxification.  Our immune system helps defend our body from external threats such as infections or toxins that can harm us.  Research shows that immune cells can sense oxygen levels and adapt depending on oxygen levels.  And there is even studies showing that oxygen can make cancer therapies work better. By providing our cells with optimal oxygenation, we give the immune system the energy it needs to allow it to function optimally.  In addition, increasing oxygen improves energy available to our cells to use to remove metabolic waste and other toxins. The oxygen inactivates toxins through a process known as oxidation – where toxins are chemically transformed into less-harmful substances so that they can be more-easily removed from the body.

EWOT Benefit #7: Athletic Performance & Recovery

Exercise with Oxygen Therapy Benefits: Athletic Performance

Lastly, let’s look at the benefits of exercising with oxygen therapy for enhancing athletic performance.  One of the first things you will notice using oxygen during exercise is that the exercise is easier, and you can push yourself harder without tiring.  This leads to the ability to oxygen to increase your stamina. Research has found that endurance increases 32-67% while doing EWOT.  Those benefits can carry over to exercise while not using oxygen.  Studies show that EWOT can improve VO2 max, a key indicator of cardiovascular fitness, improve your strength and power, reduce reaction times significantly, and improve short term memory during exercise.  But EWOT benefits do not end when the session is over.  EWOT reduces recovery time and lactic acid build up – allowing you to get back at it more quickly.  In short EWOT can benefit athletic performance and recovery.


Summing up the Benefits of Exercising with Oxygen

Benefits of Exercising with Oxygen Therapy

More people are turning to exercising with oxygen therapy (EWOT) due to the long list of benefits.  The best way to enjoy the benefits of EWOT is to find a location to do EWOT near you where you can conveniently do EWOT.  Or, better yet, purchase an EWOT system from One Thousand Roads EWOT, so that you can do it consistently in your own home.  EWOT produces the most benefits when done consistently.  The best exercise to perform while doing EWOT is the one that is most comfortable to you and will encourage consistency.  If you want to learn more about EWOT, check out our EWOT blog to learn more, or read our FAQ to learn answers to common EWOT questions.

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