Why Should You Consider Investing in an Oxygen Workout Mask?

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Exercise with oxygen therapy, also popularly known as EWOT, has recently been helping people looking to train themselves for peak performance or to enhance their overall health & well-being. EWOT systems can be helpful while using an elliptical machine, a stationary exercise bike, a treadmill, or other cardio equipment.

EWOT systems are designed so that people use optimum oxygen during workouts to make their organs function more efficiently. It is often considered one of the most effective supplements that enhances and improves physical endurance and performance.

In this blog, we have answered some of the most common questions people usually have regarding the usage and effectiveness of an oxygen workout mask. We will give you a clear view of how EWOT works and help you in choosing the right equipment for you.

So, let's dive in!

First things first—

What Exactly is an Oxygen Workout Mask, and Who Actually Needs it?

The term itself is pretty suggestive. An oxygen workout mask is a mask that people use to get the most out of their exercise without huffing and struggling for oxygen. Inhaling  higher oxygen concentration during exercise has several benefits, such as  improved cardiovascular fitness,  increased blood cell production, enhanced production of ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate)

The EWOT system is a form of therapy for people with various health and fitness goals.

Oxygen workout masks enhance the overall lung capacity by letting one breathe supplemental near-pure oxygen while engaging in physical exercises such as walking, cycling (stationary bikes), yoga, etc. So, anyone who takes up physical activities to achieve a certain fitness level, can benefit from an oxygen workout mask.

How To Properly Use An Oxygen Workout mask?

An oxygen workout mask is best used by taking deep breaths while you perform stationary cardio. The mask should cover your mouth and nose completely and comfortably. An effective EWOT mask contains a two-way non-rebreather valve to prevent you from mixing your previous carbon dioxide exhalation with your subsequent oxygen inhalation. The intake valve is connected to the line from the reservoir to the EWOT mask.

When you breathe in, this valve solely opens inward, allowing oxygen to enter. Then, it closes when you exhale to prevent carbon dioxide from returning to the reservoir. This is significant since your breath is humid in addition to the carbon dioxide that you exhale. Breath moisture should not enter the reservoir as this could lead to mold growth. The second value opens out to the air in the room to allow you to exhale.

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Benefits of an Oxygen Workout Mask

Exercising while wearing an oxygen workout mask also increases aerobic capacity, improves lung function, and develops overall endurance. While there is still much research and discussion over the benefits of EWOT systems, supporters list several possible advantages:

1.Increases Aerobic Capacity

An EWOT system typically offers a supplemental supply of extra oxygen during workouts. Thanks to this additional oxygen, your muscles and tissues will receive more oxygen, improving your aerobic capacity.

Your body can better utilize oxygen during exercise if more oxygen is available. You can exercise for extended periods and at higher intensities, increasing your aerobic fitness.

2.Increases blood flow in the body.

A sufficient blood flow is important for the body to function smoothly. But stress and other medical conditions can affect the blood's capacity to deliver oxygen to our tissues. We know that reducing the amount of oxygen in our blood can seriously impact how well our brain, liver, and other organs work. All our biological systems must have access to oxygen through our blood to function effectively.

This is a significant advantage of using an oxygen workout mask. Our oxygen-rich blood can provide oxygen to our tissues, arteries, and organs as the body's ability to circulate oxygen rises. One Thousand Roads’ EWOT reservoir carries up to 264 gallongs of oxygen, i.e., 1000 liters. This ensures a sufficient supply of near-pure oxygen while you workout.

3.Increases the production of ATP

The cells in your body can get adequate oxygen while you workout using an oxygen workout mask. As a result, there is an increase in the production of ATP ( Adenosine Triphosphate), which serves as the cells' primary fuel source. Our blood cells can absorb more oxygen because ATP increases their ability to split from one another and stop adhering to one another. But if your ATP levels are low, you won't be able to repair effectively or rapidly.

Even though the benefits are large, here are some precautions you must consider while using an oxygen workout mask:

  • Make sure you are healthy enough to perform exercise before starting any new exercise routine.  If in doubt, contact your doctor before starting.
  • Ensure the system is set up correctly as per the manufacturer's guidelines.
  • Pay attention to how your body responds and adjust the time you use the EWOT system, the frequency of EWOT sessions, and exercise intensity accordingly.

Where Can You Get Your Oxygen Workout Mask From?

The procedure to select an EWOT system should not be challenging. Our carefully chosen selection meets your unique preferences and therapeutic requirements .Whether you're an athlete hoping to reach peak performance levels or a health enthusiast hoping to enhance your general health, there is an oxygen workout mask for your needs!

The NextGen EWOT Mask: These have four times more oxygen capacity than conventional masks, allowing you to carry on your workout sessions smoothly.

Economy EWOT Mask: Economy EWOT masks are best suited for people with lower cardiovascular conditioning or people on a very restrained budget.

Buying EWOT oxygen workout masks from One Thousand Roads brings you closer to your well-being and fitness. Check out our masks right away.

Get Ready to Transform Your Workouts With The EWOT System!

You read that right. Check out our resources and blogs to help you invest in an oxygen mask that takes you on a ride of research-backed therapy. Our equipment and masks are easy to use, affordable, and highly effective. So, look no more and take the next step in your fitness journey now with One Thousand Roads.

Embark on the fitness journey that you have always dreamed of!

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