What's the Best EWOT Mask for Me?

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Looking for the Best EWOT Mask?

So, you have decided to purchase an EWOT system to get all of the many research-backed benefits, but the choices are confusing you.  Or, your trusty mask has worn out and you are shopping for a new one, and you see more options.  How do you know which is the best EWOT mask?  Let’s learn about the components of your equipment and your options.


Components of an EWOT Mask

The purpose of an EWOT mask is to help you breathe as much oxygen as possible while exercising.  Because the EWOT reservoir carries a large quantity of oxygen (our reservoirs carry roughly 1000 liters or 264 gallons, if that is easier for you to visualize), the primary function is to bring that oxygen to your face.  The goal of the mask is to seal around your mouth and nose so that you cannot breathe external air, and only breathe the oxygen from the reservoir.

Mask Valves

A good EWOT mask also has a two-way non-rebreather valve to ensure you do not dilute your next breath of oxygen with your prior exhale of carbon dioxide.  The hose that connects the reservoir to the EWOT mask is attached to the intake valve.  This valve only opens inward, so it allows oxygen in when you breathe in. Then, it shuts when you breathe out so that no carbon dioxide can get back into the reservoir.  This is also important because you don’t just breathe out carbon dioxide, but your breath is humid. We do not want moisture from your breath to become trapped in the reservoir, as that could create mold.  When you breathe out, the second value opens out to the air to let your exhaled breath exit the mask. 

Similar to the intake valve, this exhale valve shuts when you inhale so that no air can enter the mask.  We have seen people rig up masks that have no valves or just an exhale valve. We strongly advise against this, as you are likely getting an inferior benefit from your session when your rebreathe your carbon dioxide. You also could ruin your reservoir by creating moisture in the reservoir.

The valve design is also very important.  The smaller the valve, the less oxygen you can get in each breath and it also creates a greater resistance to inhaling and exhaling. This can limit how much oxygen you can take in and all the benefits that come with it.

Mask Interface

The mask interface is how the mask mates with your face.  The primary concern here is that it:

  • Has a good seal (no air can sneak in)
  • It fits your face
  • It is comfortable

Lastly, most masks utilize a harness or headgear to strap the mask to your face.  No one wants to hold the mask on their face!  Considerations here revolve around mask comfort and ease of use.

Now that we are familiar with the parts of your mask and their function, browse the EWOT masks at One Thousand Roads. Read on to compare your options!

If you are looking for an entire EWOT System, we offer those as well.


500 Series EWOT Mask

At One Thousand Roads EWOT, our 500 Series EWOT Mask was once the industry standard mask used by most companies in the industry. 

There are many benefits of this type of mask, including:

  • It is designed to fit a wide range of face sizes (though the mask can be a little small on larger folks)
  • The silicone headgear is designed to last a long time
  • You can adjust the size to get the fit you prefer
  • The air-filled pillow that seals on your face is comfortable and can be adjusted with the included pump
  • Has non-rebreather valves integrated into the mask, so all you need to do is strap it on your face and plug the hose into the top mask port


This mask is a great economical choice for people who are just starting out with EWOT. It's also great for those who do not have great conditioning yet.

Where the 500 Series EWOT Mask starts to have challenges is for more physically fit people and larger people. For these folks who need a greater oxygen flow, we generally recommend a 2000 Series EWOT Mask.


2000 Series EWOT Mask

The 2000 Series EWOT Mask is our next generation EWOT mask.  The green non-rebreather valve has a 67% larger intake valve, allowing you to get more oxygen with each breath.  And, the valve can be removed from the mask to allow you to wash it with warm soapy water.

Rather than using an air-filled pillow to create a seal on your face, this EWOT mask uses soft, contoured material to comfortably fit around your face.  As such, in order to get a good seal, these EWOT masks have different sizes.  While we recommend everyone use the size chart prior to selecting a mask size, these sizes are quite forgiving.  So, if you are between sizes, don’t get too stressed.

Additionally, the 2000 Series EWOT Mask has a 5-way adjustable harness to ensure you can create the perfect fit.  Once you adjust this harness, you can clip and unclip it without ever changing the harness length. 

2000 Series EWOT Mask on a user's face

This is a large benefit of the 2000 Series EWOT Mask when compared to the 500 Series EWOT Mask.  Each time you put on the 500 Series EWOT Mask, you need to adjust the harness to your liking, and sometimes getting the feeling just right takes time.  With the 2000 Series EWOT Mask, you simply put it on your face and clip the harness on the mask and the fit is perfect and ready to go.


General Mask Considerations

Once you select the mask that is best for you, it should last you a long time if you take care of it. We recommend washing the EWOT mask and valves gently with warm soapy water and then rinsing and letting them air dry.  This will keep sweat and residue from making your EWOT non-rebreather valves stick and keep the EWOT mask clean and in good shape for a long time.  Some people who share an EWOT mask will wash each time, but if you have your own personal mask, you can wash them weekly or whatever cleaning schedule you are most comfortable with.

 If you are looking for an EWOT mask, One Thousand Roads EWOT offers some of the best masks in the industry at some of the lowest prices.  You can find our EWOT masks here:

500 Series EWOT Mask

2000 Series EWOT Mask

We hope this helped you understand your EWOT mask options.  But if you still have questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

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