Want to get started with EWOT Therapy? Here's Your Exercise Planner!

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If you have been searching for effective ways to boost stamina, enhance concentration, or focus on your overall health, here's a planner that lets you get it done. But there's a twist. You'll be doing your workouts the EWOT way. 


Good question. EWOT, though a new name in the health and wellness industry, is a research-backed method to gain maximum benefit from your regular workouts. It allows you to get more done without huffing for oxygen, increasing your overall lung capacity. 

That's not the only thing. A quick 15-minute session with EWOT equipment daily lets you sleep peacefully, focus more on work, increase your productivity, and also realize your fitness goals.

You can get more information about EWOT in our resource section because knowing what you're getting into is paramount when it comes to health.

Without wasting any further time, here's the key to your sustainable and overall wellness with EWOT–

First, Invest in Quality EWOT Equipment

Imagine cycling without a bicycle or stationary bike. It is impossible until you lay on a yoga mat, lie on your back, and start doing the bicycle pose.

The alternative is good but is less effective than actual cycling.

That applies in EWOT therapy also. Gaining the maximum benefit of this therapy depends on the quality of your equipment. This step ensures you breathe in oxygen-rich air while exercising, and the output of your workout is enhanced.

Therefore, before getting into EWOT, researching the machine should be your priority. Once done, place an order and read the user manual thoroughly.

Become well-acquainted with its use and overall working mechanism so you can seamlessly carry on with your routine.

Begin With a Gentle Warm-up

Like any other exercise routine, here, too, you will start with a warm-up. Nothing intense; do gentle stretches and low-intensity aerobic exercises for 5-10 minutes.

For instance, you can begin with a light jog or brisk walk to get your heart rate up gradually. It'll prepare your mind and body for intense and more strenuous activities.

Doing this will also put your muscles into action, helping you do all types of workouts without feeling overwhelmed. 

Choose Your Main Exercise


EWOT Therapy Exercise Planner


The most exciting part of any workout is the 'workout' itself. Everything related to it, from why, how, when, and where to what you'll be doing, comes down to selecting your favorite exercises.

Though you can do this daily, planning a week's workout is always the best option. It gives you clarity about your goals, helping you stay consistent and dedicated throughout the routine.

Here's an example:

Day Workout Focus Duration Exercise Type
Day 1 Aerobic Endurance 15-20 minutes Stationary Cycling
Day 2 Strength and Resistance 20 minutes Bodyweight Exercises or Resistance Bands
Day 3 Aerobic Endurance 15-20 minutes Brisk Walking
Day 4 Flexibility and Stretching 20 minutes Yoga or Pilates
Day 5 Aerobic Endurance 15-20 minutes Walking & Stationary Cycling
Day 6 Strength and Resistance 20 minutes Weight Lifting or Resistance Machines
Day 7 Rest and Recovery Rest


In other words, you'll focus on one primary exercise daily. If it's cardio on Monday, try to keep the next day for an exercise like weight lifting. Selecting a primary exercise means allowing your whole body to get into action, further building your endurance and strength over the period.


Time to Cool Down

Yes, you're breathing in oxygen-enriched air; your body still needs time to cool down. Because after your main exercise, your heart rate is already at its peak, which calls for a break.

So, spare 5 minutes to lower your pumping heartbeat gradually.  

Stretch to Reduce Muscle Soreness

Many believe stretching must be done before the workout, ignoring that their muscles also need a little stimulation to relax. If you skip this step, it will make your muscles tight and weak.

Next time when you'll engage in any activity, your body will not be as flexible as it should be.

On the other hand, spending time on stretching your major muscles will maintain the flexibility. Plus, it only takes a few seconds to do this.  In addition, EWOT helps reduce the lactic acid at the root cause of muscle soreness, allowing you to complete your exercise with less potential for soreness.

All you have to do is focus on areas engaged during the workout and hold each stretch for 15-30 seconds. It'll be enough.

Hydrate Well and Have a Nutritious Post-Workout Snack

Whatever you eat and drink makes a major difference in your body. So, avoiding pre and post-workout snacks or not keeping yourself hydrated is only going to limit your efficiency.

During your EWOT therapy session, hydration thus holds a key place. Even if your body engages in a high-intensity workout for only 15-20 minutes, it must be hydrated and fuelled with nutritious snacks. 

For instance, you can make protein balls or banana smoothies. These are quick and require minimal effort, just like your EWOT session, yet make the most impact.

Keep Monitoring the Progress

Moving all day without any knowledge of what you achieved and how far you still need to go is never a good idea. Since physical activity delivers measurable results, keeping a workout journal is always best.

You can record workout details, keep track of your calories, and also jot down if there has been any significant improvement. 

As far as EWOT therapy is concerned, you'll definitely notice a change. Your lung capacity will improve, helping you breathe properly.


Finally– You'll Soon Notice Results!

In every workout, consistency is the key. So, stick to your planner without taking unnecessary breaks. It'll help you accomplish your fitness and wellness goals more efficiently. 

Plus, the results will be sustained for a long time. That's the best part when it comes to incorporating EWOT into your workout routines. Imagine being able to walk without feeling oxygen-hungry, even after you take a short break.

Although it's always better to keep going, if, in any case, the need arises, be assured your hard work will not fade away. 

In short, exercising with oxygen therapy will be a game-changer for you. Furthermore, staying committed to your routine will help you unlock your body's full potential and experience numerous other benefits. 

So, are you ready to embark on this transformational journey? If that's a YES, explore our EWOT equipment for sale now. And get started!

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