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Imagine a day when humans will stop aging. Sounds absurd yet miraculous. Though nothing can prevent our body from becoming frail, we can delay the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

In this never-ending search for effective solutions that reverse the aging process, we now have a promising candidate backed by research. It is EWOT, short for Exercise with oxygen therapy. This revolutionary approach has changed the fitness world by shifting the focus to oxygen for sports.

Athletes have been using it to boost their performance levels. People with cancer and chronic illnesses have used it to get relief from some of these symptoms. Another unknown benefit of EWOT is that it offers impressive anti-aging benefits.

But how?

Research suggests that lack of oxygen (Hypoxia) contributes to aging. There’s also evidence proving that when you use supplemental oxygen for exercise, it decreases the aging process.

In this blog, we’ll explore how Hypoxia can accelerate aging as well as the effectiveness of EWOT in maintaining youthfulness.

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How is Hypoxia related to aging?

Hypoxia is when a person has insufficient or low oxygen levels in the body tissues. The symptoms could range from shortness of breath to dizziness and fatigue. For instance, if you feel difficulty breathing while climbing only a few stairs or during a workout, it’s a sign your lungs are not optimally functioning. 

While this is a usual case for everyone, there are times when catching a breath becomes a luxury for some. Those are severe situations where patients are given oxygen therapy. 

Usually, Hypoxia is associated with aging. As you age, your lungs become weak, leading to insufficient oxygen in the body tissues. This results in many issues, such as:

  • Reduced cognitive function
  • Weakened muscles
  • A decline in energy levels, etc.

As far as aging is concerned, Hypoxia is known to be the major contributor to the formation of free radicals, which leads to oxidative stress and cellular damage. Both of these symptoms are hallmarks of aging.

Can oxygen therapy with exercise reverse the aging clock?

Before trying anything new, it’s always suggested to be sure about it. If you have doubts about EWOT, that is totally fine. You can refer to our ‘research’ section to learn more about the potential benefits of Exercising with oxygen therapy. All the sources are from reputed health authorities, which support the prowess of this therapy.

Nonetheless, here we’ll simplify it for you.

As you’ve already read about the impact of Hypoxia on aging, it’s essential to know how EWOT reverses or delays those signs. It’s not rocket science, only simple logic– when you breathe in higher oxygen concentrations, the production of human growth hormone gets stimulated. You can call it ‘HGH.’

This hormone plays an active role in repairing damaged tissues, building lean muscle mass, and promoting overall wellness. An increase in HGH levels reduces the appearance of wrinkles, improves skin elasticity, and restores your youthful appearance.

In addition to this, the intake of supplemental oxygen during EWOT sessions neutralizes the free radicals, further reducing oxidative stress and cellular damage. It shoots up your energy levels, improves focus, and lets you have a restful sleep.

In short, EWOT boosts your overall health and wellness.

EWOT– Evidence Backed Youthfulness (Research)

You can access the research studies published by NIH, available on our website.

All in all, numerous studies have shown that EWOT has the potential to promote your overall wellness and even reverse the aging clock. Doing any physical activity with an EWOT mask every day for a mere 15 minutes at home will improve your skin’s elasticity and collagen production.

Fun & Effective Workouts You Can Try at Home with the EWOT Machines

Undoubtedly, exercising with supplemental oxygen has incredible anti-aging benefits. It doesn’t require supervision; you don’t need to step outside your home.

You can easily add this to your daily routine. You only need to spare 15 minutes and buy an EWOT kit. Club your sessions with these exercises, and you’re good to go–

Exercise1– Cardio Blast

Imagine the calories you burn while exercising on a stationary bike or treadmill for 15 minutes daily. What if your skin could get its booster too?

You can begin your anti-aging journey with a cardio workout using your EWOT system. Strap on the oxygen mask set the oxygen flow to a comfortable level, and exercise for 10-15 minutes.

The extra oxygen intake will enhance stamina, boost metabolism, and promote youthful cardiovascular health.

Exercise 2– Strength & Flexibility

You must have invested a lot in gym memberships and oxygen face masks. Spend a little on resistance bands and EWOT setup. 

The results will be fantastic no matter which activity you choose with the bands. You can even combine some exercises, such as bicep curls, shoulder presses, and squats. When done in excess oxygen, these easy-to-do workouts increase your muscles’ recovery rate and flexibility.

Exercise 3– Deep Breathing 

During an interview or after an intense workout, you were always advised to– relax and take a deep breath. Did you know deep breathing does more than just calm your senses? 

Increased oxygen supply boosts mental clarity, reduces stress, and also keeps your skin glowing.

Wrapping Up

Finding a solution that works for you amidst so many can invite doubts. You must be trying to figure out which type of treatment is suitable for you and which is not. However, we suggest you always go for options with genuine testimonials or proven scientific results.

These will help you find alternative methods to get relief from any condition. And, when we talk about aging, it’s a natural process. However, factors such as lifestyle, environment, and genetics can amplify the process. 

Not to worry, you can start now with the EWOT machine now. It’s safe, effective, and involves no expensive investments like its counterpart HBOT. It has helped pro athletes understand the importance of oxygen in sports. 

No matter your goal, this therapy may help you gain mental clarity, delay aging signs, and improve your overall well-being. Try it now!

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