How Can Oxygen Therapy Kickstart Your Weight Loss Journey?

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From following strict diet plans to using the gym continuously for hours, people eager to shed off excess pounds have done it all, often without great results. The problem doesn’t even end with losing weight, as the sooner you stop, you start gaining those extra inches back.

Things would have been easier if you could just breathe to a slimmer you. Imagine a method that puts an end to all those long fitness sessions, meal plans, and buying expensive ingredients or equipment to supplement your weight loss journey.

Wouldn’t it be great? Researchers say breathing oxygen-enriched air may help you achieve your dream body with less effort. And, if you choose EWOT therapy, you don’t need to step outside for the gym. Just invest in your cardio equipment and fifteen minutes daily, and you are all done.

Oxygen Therapy Works on Metabolism – Research

At this point, it may seem hard to believe that oxygen therapy can help you achieve your fitness goals. So, here’s a quick introduction to this therapy:

Oxygen therapy allows users to breathe almost pure oxygen through a mask, which is then delivered to other tissues and organs of the body. So, whenever you or someone with any respiratory issues feels shortness of breath, this supplemental oxygen fulfills the body’s oxygen requirement.

People with COPD, sleep apnea, and cancer have also found this therapy helpful. You can even use therapy to live a quality life because pro athletes use this incredible method to enhance their performances.

Plus, it is backed by scientific evidence, which suggests that using it is a good bet. It can supercharge your metabolism, helping you burn more calories than your body does otherwise.

Simply put, oxygen is essential. Lack of oxygen may lead to various health issues, even weight gain. So, using an effective method like oxygen exercise therapy will help.

5 Must-know Benefits of Oxygen Therapies for Optimal Weight Management

It’s been years since oxygen therapies have gained recognition. Its use for managing weight is new but backed by science (as mentioned above).

Incorporating it in your routine will accelerate your weight loss, boost your energy levels, improve cognitive functions, and give you mindful sleep. 

Want to know more about its benefits? Here’s a quick list of 5 key benefits that may help you shed extra pounds with the use of oxygen therapy:

Turbocharges Your Metabolism

How many times did you come across articles about slow metabolism? Probably many. And each one of those must-have listed metabolic rate as the reason for your weight gain. 

While medical experts say metabolic determinants are not always the cause of your weight gain, they can impact the amount of calories you burn throughout the day.

More Oxygen consumption here will boost your metabolism, allowing you to burn more calories at rest and during physical activity efficiently. 

Enhances Performance During Exercise

Today many professional athletes use EWOT therapy to increase their performance levels. It stimulates blood circulation allowing better delivery of nutrients and oxygen to other organs of the body and muscles.

You can use it for your weight loss too.

The process is simple. You have to exercise with an EWOT mask, allowing you to breathe in supplemental oxygen. This air enriched with higher concentrations of O2 improves your stamina, thus enhancing your workouts.

In other words, if you could only run for 7 minutes on the treadmill, with oxygen, you may be able to run for 14 minutes now. Imagine the calories you’ll burn if you keep exercising this way for another two weeks.

Regulates Your Appetite

Eating more than you should can lead to weight gain– it’s a no-brainer. But have you ever wondered what disturbs your appetite?

You must be thinking about all the tempting food right now. However, those dishes which your taste buds are begging for have nothing to do with why you open a food delivery app, indulge in binge eating, or go to a restaurant. 

It’s because of hormonal imbalance due to stress. And, for many people, food is the only thing that lets them cope with those stressors.  But, breathing oxygen-rich air reduces your stress levels and helps you manage weight appropriately.

Improves Sleep Quality

Waking up at night, not falling asleep, or feeling tired in the morning are all signs of not having quality sleep.

According to experts, an adult must have an average of 8 hours of restful sleep daily to maintain optimal body functioning.

However, lack of proper oxygen supply, respiratory issues, or lung diseases may inhibit many people’s ability to do so. If you are one of them, consider oxygen exercise therapy

Regular exercise at home with EWOT machines will improve your lung capacity. As a result, you will have a more sound sleep at night and burn more calories.

Balances Blood Sugar Levels

High blood sugar levels signal your body to store sugar. Usually, some amount of this excess sugar is stored in your muscles and liver, but most are stored as fat.

If you or someone you know takes insulin or has diabetes, you are already familiar with this, not to mention how it leads to instant weight gain.

Oxygen therapies, in contrast, stabilize sugar levels in your bloodstream by allowing your body to use energy stored as fat during workouts. The more active lifestyle you adopt, the better the results, and the earlier you’ll get slimmer.

How to Get Most from Exercise & Oxygen Therapy Duo?

Now, the biggest question that requires your attention is– which is the best way to maximize results from oxygen therapy?

Before we answer that, you should know different methods are available in the market. HBOT and EWOT are the most popular ones. 

The former refers to Hyperbaric oxygen therapy, which requires supervision, s relatively more expensive and time consuming than its counterpart, Exercise with oxygen therapy.  You can use EWOT systems in your home without needing a professional, offering the ultimate in convenience.

EWOT kits only require 15-minutes of cardio a day and provide several benefits. For better results, follow a balanced diet, take 8 hours of quality sleep, and walk/run for 10-15 minutes with masks on.


That’s all. Oxygen therapy is a unique and effective approach to weight loss. You can use it with a healthy diet and regular exercise to gain results faster. 

Unlike other alternatives, this gives you a sustainable weight loss solution, so you never have to worry about gaining those inches again. You can stay in shape with an active lifestyle and EWOT therapy. For more information, explore our resources section.

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