How Can Oxygen Therapy Ease Breathlessness?

Brad Pitzele



The struggle to draw in a full breath or feeling winded is real. It’s a familiar scenario when you exercise; still, many people go through it without indulging in sprints or aerobic sessions.


An unhealthy lifestyle could be one reason, and cardiovascular issues could be another. Look into your habits, and you’ll know why air hunger has become a regular episode.

Nevertheless, have you ever wondered what insufficient oxygen intake can do to your body? Perhaps not. Here’s a quick snippet into the changes your body will experience if shortness of breath takes a severe turn–

You’ll continuously feel drained mentally and physically, irrespective of your 8-hours sleep rule. Walking from your apartment to the community gate would become a hassle, not to mention the scenario where the elevator isn’t working. The inability to stay productive at work will demotivate you. Opting for fitness sessions may sound like a good solution, but air hunger will make its way there, too, disrupting your workouts.

Therefore, ignoring your health for too long is never a good idea. So, exercise daily but with a twist. You don’t need to pack your joggers for the gym, as you can conveniently do the same cardio session at home. The best part– you’ll never have to “huff” again. Because this time, your lungs will breathe in higher amounts of oxygen supplied by the EWOT bags.

Don’t know how? No worries, this blog will discuss the benefits of exercising supplemental oxygen. Keep reading.

What Causes Shortness of Breath?

Shortness of breath can be caused by several factors ranging from obesity and high cholesterol levels to passive smoking. You may not notice any severe effects in the beginning; however, as soon as your situation starts worsening, you’ll feel tightness in your chest, inability to breathe, and exhaustion due to lack of oxygen.

Nonetheless, here are major factors that contribute to difficulty in breathing–

  • Asthma
  • Respiratory tract infection
  • Heart conditions
  • Obesity
  • Being out of shape (muscle deconditioning)
  • Anxiety or panic attacks

Exercising in Supplemental Oxygen Will Improve Your Quality of Life!

Devoting 30 minutes of your day promotes overall wellness. You breathe properly, have a relaxing sleep, wake up energized, and excel at every task given to you. That’s why you enrolled in a fitness plan, regardless of cost. For a few days, it went fine, but now going to the gym feels like a not-so-favorite task. Your instructor keeps motivating you, but feeling out of breath is a deal breaker. Plus, it’s hard to take time out during this hustle phase. 
Oxygen Therapy

Even so, skipping your workout sessions is a big NO.

What you can do is, invest in a treadmill and elliptical bike or walk daily. Whether evening time suits you or morning, your workouts will become more efficient when done with more oxygen.

Your lungs do more with less effort and time, benefiting your mental and physical wellness. Feelings of breathlessness will not knock again while exercising, all credit to the innovative mechanism of EWOT.

Here’s how making minor additions to your routine will benefit you–

Makes You Feel Less Tired

Not getting enough oxygen can make you feel drained without any reason. You’ll be unable to focus on core tasks or carry out daily errands. Even simpler tasks like cleaning your room will start scaring you.

On the other hand, devoting one-fourth of your hour to oxygen therapy increases oxygen levels in the bloodstream, improving stamina and cognition.

It’ll let you focus more on tasks without feeling.

Improves Your Lungs Capacity

The increase in pollution levels and drop in the air quality index have somehow affected lung functioning. Struggling to breathe while walking or climbing stairs has become a new normal for many people, decreasing their productivity at work.

On the contrary, if you exercise regularly with supplemental oxygen, your lungs will get more oxygen with minimal effort. This will enhance their working capacity, benefitting you in the long run.

Lets You Have a Restful Sleep

Regrets of the past and worries about the future may keep you from quality sleep. You may wake up often during the night, waking up the following day as if you had never slept.

What if this becomes a routine?

Definitely, not a healthy habit that you may be proud of. So, work on it.

You can start journaling, opt for mindfulness therapy, or walk a few minutes with EWOT masks. Though all the methods will contribute to your sleep quality, the last technique is the most effective.

It naturally increases the oxygen in your bloodstream, allowing you to sleep more peacefully every night.

You Can Lead an Active Lifestyle

When was the last time you joined your friends for trekking or camping? If your answer is long ago, don’t waste your time any further and start exercising. The only difference now is you’ll do it in the presence of oxygen-rich air.

It’s a simple practice that boosts your energy levels in the long run, helping you enjoy your favorite activities again.

And you already know that the more active you are, the healthier your body and mind are.

How to Add EWOT to Your Routine?

When you exercise, your body requires large amounts of oxygen, which may be challenging to gain if you relate to any of the instances mentioned in the above paragraphs.

That’s where EWOT comes in. It doesn’t require hour-long commitments, expensive equipment, or supervision. All it takes is fifteen minutes of your 24 hours, a regular exercise routine, and dedication.

Here are the exercises you can try with EWOT reservoir bags at home–

  1. Stationary cycling: Cycling on a stationary bike allows for controlled and low-impact movements, making you do more in less time.
  2. Treadmill walking: Walking on a treadmill at a comfortable pace benefits your cardiovascular health without putting excessive strain on your lungs. You can adjust the angles and speed, devote 15-20 minutes daily, and be done. 
  3. Arm exercises: Light resistance exercises for the upper body, using resistance bands, can help strengthen your muscles without significantly affecting breathing. Try these to make your arms toned without struggling to catch your breath.
  4. Breathing exercises: Whenever you feel anxious, the first thing anyone advises you to do is– take deep breaths. Follow the drill and make it your habit. Your lungs will start functioning optimally in no time.

Key Takeaway

Shortness of breath can be a challenging and distressing experience, impacting various aspects of your life. EWOT here offers a potential solution that improves lung capacity and enhances the overall quality of your life.

You can buy an EWOT reservoir kit, start exercising, and experience a new you. It only takes a few minutes. No need to feel suffocated or breathless while doing daily chores, as oxygen therapy lets you live your life with full potential.


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