Science Unlocked– How EWOT Enhances Your Emotional Well-being?

Brad Pitzele



Breathing is an innate action that often goes unnoticed. Obviously, you may have other tasks scheduled in your to-do list. Nobody has enough time to shift attention to how they breathe, and you are no exception.

It’s okay. 

But did you know that breathing profoundly affects our physical, mental, and emotional health?

If not, here’s a quick exercise. Following are a few questions, and you only need to say (to yourself) Yes or No. Absolutely no explanations are required. Let’s begin–

  • Do you often feel short of breath while climbing stairs?
  • Is the inability to participate in physical activities making you feel anxious and frustrated?
  • Are you not able to focus at work because of breathing difficulties?
  • Does having quality sleep become a luxury lately?
  • Do you feel unmotivated and lethargic at work?
  • If the answer to the above questions is yes, this blog is a must-read for you. Here you’ll explore the reasons why breathing demands your attention, the significance of Oxygen in regulating your emotions, and how EWOT therapy machines come into the picture.

    The Mind-boggling Oxygen & Mood Connection

    Oxygen is essential for human existence; it’s a no-brainer. The missing puzzle is finding what lack of Oxygen can do to your mood. 

    Our brains are dependent on Oxygen for almost everything to function optimally. Once the levels of oxygen decrease, whether due to environmental factors or underlying health conditions, it leads to various emotional and cognitive effects. 

    Here’s how your emotional wellness gets disturbed:

    • Easily getting frustrated or sudden mood changes
    • Feeling unmotivated and lethargic
    • Unhealthy sleep patterns
    • Reduced emotional resilience
    • Challenges while focusing on tasks

    Several studies have shown that hypoxia (a lack of Oxygen in the bloodstream) causes people to feel emotionally unwell. The effects may be subtle at first; however, they worsen as time passes.

    Developing coping skills can help you feel at ease and live your life fully in such scenarios. Whether you cannot sleep properly or avoid work for no reason, oxygen therapy is a proven alternative for increasing lung efficiency.

    The more Oxygen you breathe, the better you feel, within a therapeutic range.

    EWOT & Its Part in Ensuring Oxygen-Mood Chemistry

    Of all the techniques available today, from deep breathing exercises to mindfulness, oxygen therapy is a standalone modality backed by science. 

    It allows your body to breathe in oxygen-rich air, which improves brain function. The increased oxygen supply will raise the count of mood-enhancing neurotransmitters such as serotonin and endorphins so you live the life you want.

    But why do you need EWOT systems?

    Oxygen therapy is a proven technique to improve performance, cognition, lung function, sleep quality, and mood. When you are doing any physically exhausting exercise, your body is primed to take in oxygen more efficiently and deliver it more quickly.

    The situation may differ for people with lung diseases; however, if an average person only wants to gain overall vitality, EWOT machines are a great option.

    All you need is to exercise with the EWOT mask on for 15 minutes at home. (Explore our resources section to learn more about how EWOT systems can help.) 

    5 Must-know Benefits of Exercising in Supplemental Oxygen

    Exercising with oxygen therapy is a performance booster indeed. However, it holistically impacts your body, focusing on all the core aspects, from physical, mental, and emotional.

    Here are five ways it can promote emotional wellness:

    Calms the Fight & Flight Response

    Those moments when you feel stress has you in a headlock, your brain switches on the fight-or-flight response. When this happens, you get this strong feeling that you’ll tackle any hurdle that comes your way. This normal reaction is what we call a ‘survival mechanism.’ 

    Generally, this response wants you to take action against the perceived threat. But sometimes, you’ll get false signals, and there is no need for any abrupt acts. 

    In such scenarios, you are often advised to take a deep breath to calm your increased heart rate. That is, allow more oxygen into your body.

    On the other hand, exercising with oxygen therapy improves your lungs’ capacity, which helps your body relax.

    Triggers Release of Endorphins

    While working out, your body releases a series of hormones, including endorphins - the chemicals known to cause a “runner’s high”.  When you engage in physical activity, your body releases these ‘feel good’ hormones, making you feel happier and better. 

    Now imagine exercising with supplemental oxygen with the help of our EWOT therapy machines. It will boost your performance levels, thus doubling the number of endorphins. Thanks to the oxygen, you will feel happier, better, and more energetic.

    In other words, working out on a treadmill during a 15-minute EWOT session creates a powerful connection between mind, body, and oxygen that uplifts your mood. 

    May Help in Overcoming Depressive Feelings

    A few things may seem out of our control sometimes. Though you can not stop life-altering events from happening, taking little steps may help you feel better.

    One such way is oxygen therapy. And combining exercise with it is just a booster.

    Remember when you read on Google that lifting your body may help overcome depressive thoughts? That’s precisely what you need in those moments but with a twist.

    One study indicates that when people with mild to moderate depression were exposed to oxygen enriched air (high concentrations) than ambient air, certain brain functions improved. This further provided them relief from some of the depression symptoms.

    Researchers in this pilot study also observed decreased feelings of guilt, suicidal thoughts, and insomnia, among other effects. So, breathing in high oxygen concentrations may benefit you during depression.

    Even a 15-minute session on EWOT therapy machines will help you battle the blues. So, considering it is a good option.

    A Powerful Brain Booster

    Everyone wants to think clearer and focus better, whether us or you. You must have tried a lot of lifestyle changes, from having soaked almonds in the morning to enrolling in a language class. But did you know oxygen is also a brain suplement?

    Undoubtedly, almonds and walnuts are brain foods. And learning new languages does help in improving your cognition.

    In contrast, breathing in a higher concentration of oxygen also promotes neuro-wellness. The most common method used for this was HBOT or Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. It is mainly used in health facilities where you undergo a 90-minute supervised session.

    The only limitation of HBOT is its cost and time-intensive feature, which may only sometimes be suitable for you. That’s why EWOT exists.

    EWOT therapy machines are accessible and affordable. You can do it at home while using a treadmill, during bike exercises, or otherwise. All you need is 15 minutes. No need to spend thousands of dollars as this equipment is available at reasonable prices.

    Relaxes Mind, So You Sleep Well

    Today’s hustle culture hardly leaves anyone unaffected. While growth in life is a vital development parameter, ignoring sleep is a big NO.

    Without quality sleep, your productivity drops to half than usual days. Not to mention the consequences of not having sleep at all. There’s a reason medical journals consider 8 hours of sleep important. It gives you mental clarity, improves concentration, shoots up energy levels, and fills you with positivity.

    Too much to lose.

    Imagine yourself sleeping less than you would otherwise, waking up feeling lethargic and cranky the following day.

    But how does EWOT fit in here?

    If you or anyone you know has trouble breathing during sleep, EWOT can be effective. It enhances your lungs’ functioning, allowing you to breathe optimal oxygen at night. So you don’t choke or feel breathless. 

    Doing daily sessions, or as suggested by your doctor, can significantly improve your breathing in the long term. You’ll have a restful sleep and a relaxed mind.

    Wrapping Up

    Oxygen therapy has been used for decades, with slight changes in techniques. There are several ways to use its benefits, HBOT and EWOT, being the popular ones. 

    Nonetheless, as mentioned before, EWOT machines are easy to use, don’t require supervision, and need only 15 minutes of your day. It’s not too much for your health. 

    So, get an EWOT system today, start exercising with the mask on, and reap the benefits of this effective therapy.

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