Detoxify & Thrive: EWOT's Oxygen-Powered Cleanse for Ultimate Wellness!

Brad Pitzele



Detox may not be the most-searched word of 2023, but it definitely made its way into the health and wellness sector with a boom. No matter which magazine or health blog you read or follow, you must have come across this term at least twice.

Most people relate it with releasing toxins; however, the process is much more than the standard narrative. We will decode just that in this blog and learn how to detoxify at home with EWOT systems.

But First, What Exactly is Detox?

Before we answer your question, here's a quick test for you–

Have you been feeling sluggish or weighed down lately?

If you answered “No” that’s good news; however, if you nodded “Yes”, it means your body needs to release excessive toxins stored in your body. But before you start imagining yourself sipping green juices and having salads in a spa, you need to gain more clarity about the process.

In simple terms, detoxification is similar to hitting your body's reset button. It involves eliminating all the toxins the body has accumulated from the environment, diet, and even stress. 

It's similar to the air purification mechanism that may have been installed in your homes, offices, or any place you visited. The only difference is that now, it involves you.

Generally, you may need a quick detox whenever you don't feel the best. It can involve going on an off-salt diet for a day, relaxing in the spa, or doing any exercise with supplemental oxygen.

Nonetheless, here could be the signs you may need a detox–

  • Low Energy,
  • Frequent Headaches,
  • Gut Issues,
  • Skin Troubles,
  • Weight Gain
  • Chronic health conditions

While toxins are to be blamed, there are ways to begin a detox journey and achieve success! So, without wasting any time, we would want you to go through our resource section to know how breathing in supplemental oxygen helps.

Decoding Oxygen's Role in Detoxification

Oxygen and Detoxification may initially seem incompatible. But the below example will change your perspective:

Suppose you're doing a workout suggested by your trainers. It involves lots of sweating. If you are aware, this sweat helps remove toxins from your body. 

Now imagine being in a state where you aren't able to run or walk even for 10 minutes. The reason for this could be anything from obesity to chronic health conditions. However, such a situation's persistence could mean your body will become a host to unnecessary and harmful toxins.

On the other hand, switching to exercising with oxygen therapy will enable you to easily carry out your fitness session without feeling breathless. The oxygen you breathe will oxidize the toxins in the body, so the elimination organs (liver, kidneys, etc.) can easily eliminate the toxins from the body. This further accelerates the detoxification process, leaving you with a much calmer, healthier, and fitter self.

How EWOT May Help You Reduce the Toxins In Your Life?

Though there are many other alternatives for oxygen therapy, EWOT systems are considered the safest, most effective, and most affordable options. They don't require hour-long supervised, costly sessions like HBOT and add convenience to your schedule.

Plus, the masks allow you to breathe in supplemental oxygen without any hassle for 15-20 minutes straight. You'll get rid of those unwanted toxins and achieve a healthier version of yourself by doing more in less time, right at your home.

5 Exercises You Can Do With EWOT Systems

To help you plan out your detox schedule, here are a few exercises you can club with your diets and lead a toxin-free life–


When Amby Burfoot said– As we run, we become; he pretty much signaled the holistic change this simple sport can bring into your life.

You strap on your shoes, plug in your earphones, and are ready to run. That journey will help you gain clarity, become more disciplined, and develop a never-give-up attitude.

Still, running without feeling air-hungry can be challenging for some. 

No need to worry because you can now run easily without huffing for 15 minutes with EWOT systems. The best part is you don't need to step outside the home.

Invest a little on a treadmill, and you're ready for the detox run.


Like running, you can pedal your way to better health. All you need is a stationary bike and one of our best EWOT masks. You can pick any time for this, whether in the morning or evening.

Those few minutes of power-packed session will enhance your endurance and work excellently in toning your leg muscles.

Also, the more your respiratory organs work, the more toxins you’ll flush out, making your detox journey easier. The lungs are responsible for eliminating 70% of the cleansing of the body.  So, breathe in near-pure oxygen and breathe out toxins as you get your steps in on a treadmill.

Cycling with Ewot


For anyone who prefers a more mindful approach to fitness, Yoga is a perfect method to detox. Taking deep breaths in the presence of a higher oxygen concentration improves your lungs' health.

Doing gentle stretches calms your mind and makes detoxification even more effective. 


Have you been looking for a 2-in-1 solution for health and fitness? Pilates could be one. It aims at strengthening your core. Also, when your muscles are engaged, trying to achieve a balance, you need more oxygen, which EWOT systems will help you get.

This oxygen infusion will turbocharge your detoxification process, helping you get more done with Pilates only.


Does lifting weights sound more like you? Then go ahead and do so, but with a twist.

As you know, pumping iron requires more oxygen, so introducing EWOT systems into your workout helps you breathe effortlessly and release more toxins.

The heightened respiration will not only efficiently detoxify your body, but you'll also strengthen your muscles with this power-packed session.  It will also detoxify your body from the lactic acid that causes muscle stiffness so that you can recover more quickly and get back to lifting weights more quickly. 

So, don't hesitate to combine multiple exercises; some research and guidance will do.

Finally– You're Only a Few Steps Away from a Healthier You!

If you read until here, surely you must be convinced of the effectiveness of exercising with oxygen therapy. And, believe us, you're making the right choice. Incorporating this unique approach into your lifestyle only takes a few minutes of your time and the best EWOT mask.

While fixing your schedule depends on you, One Thousand Road can help you find quality EWOT equipment on our website. Our systems are affordable, so you can attain a healthier version of yourself without spending thousands of dollars. 

If you wish to learn more about this research-backed therapy, you can access the medical journals and our blog section. We have listed all the resources to help you make an informed decision because your health goals matter the most to us.

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